Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jesse Livingston to Andrew Livingston, 8/26/07: 
Subject: dude 

i think we misjudged mr. train lead singer. he's a righteous rocknroller after all! check it out! 

"My Private Nation"
Why you gotta treat me like I'm a low down dirty
Climbin' up on thirty
Dress like a kid to make me feel young punk <----------SELF AWARE!
And talk junk
You musta fell out of your bunk
And smacked your head
Or your face or somethin'    <----------GENIUS!

I don't need nobody flyin' in my jet stream
Take the bus
Go on and get yourself your own dream <------------RIGHT ON, BROTHA!

This is my own life keepin' me down
Where I wanna be in my private nation
I'm alone all thinkin' life's a phone call
Here for just a while when in my private nation
You can ride or you can go     <----------------------SO TRUE!

Why you gonna step on shoes
When you don't know whose been in 'em <---------------METAPHOR!
Have you ever been more than a bump
On a rock that likes to roll  <-----------------WHOAH!
In the middle of a soup bowl in the sky <----------------UNEXPECTED!
Use your eyes
It's all you got till you die <---------------------DEEP, MAN, DEEP!

I don't need nobody flyin' in my jet stream
Take the bus
Go on and get yourself your own dream

You can ride on, it ain't free
Leave a light on, so you can see
How to get back when you go

How to get, how to give
How to make ends meet
How to lose, how to win
How to stay on the seat  <-------------------ALWAYS A PROBLEM!
How to use momentum to keep the two wheels straight
How to wait after it feels like you waited so long <-------------------------

Jesse Livingston to Andrew Livingston, 8/26/07:
Subject: another gem!

"Save The Day"
Ten pounds too much to the naked eye  <-------ACCEPTING OF IMPERFECTION!
I don't take the bus because she drives <------------MAKES SENSE TO ME!
Watermelon lipstick, and way too much
She got buttermilk smile and a thorny touch
Street smart, like a Courtney Love <----------THEY DON'T COME NO SMARTER!
Can't get enough Hollywood stories of
Anybody famous that can make her feel
Like they're all kinda friends in a way <---------PROFOUND!
No best friend, well one but she's crazy <---SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT LINE BEFORE HE  WROTE IT!
Grew up to end up a Professor of lazy <----ODD SORT OF COMPLIMENT!
The last of six kids that all left town
Seems nobody ever wanted them around
But she's cool like a soda can sittin' on ice <-----THAT'S COOL!
Always orders sushi, only eats the rice <-------THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL!
Talks about J Lo like they're best of friends <------WHO'S TO SAY THEY'RE NOT!
I think she loves me, but it all depends <----I IMAGINE SO!

Hey baby, I don't wanna be your Superman
I just wanna be your man and I'll be super, baby <----STUNNING!
You'll be standin' in the sun shine
I'll be standin' right here in the rain
You save me and I will save the day <-----IT'S A DEAL!

I got a sweet gig rakin' in the cash with karaoke <----THE WORLD-WEARINESS!
I get the crowd goin' when I sing the hokey pokey <------!!!!!
I shake it to the
left and then I shake it to the right <---------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's not to love, man I'm on tonight <---------SURE ARE!
I got the LA stylie with the New York trim <----WHAT DOES THAT REFER TO!
Keep my pants so low
It's like I'm goin' for a swim <--------------GAAAAAAAAA!
I got the Coppertone tan, like in Mexico
Well, not now, but when I go, yeah <-----ONCE AGAIN, THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE!

I know you don't see me like a movie star <------ACCEPTING OF IMPERFECTION!
And it can't help much that I don't have no car <-----NOR GRAMMAR!
But you're my favorite thing, by far
That's gotta count for something <------YOU'D THINK SO!

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