Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

I work at Leopold Bros. Distillery. Here are some things Todd Leopold has said at work:

greeting someone: "So, that's your hair, huh?" 

being told we were doing a fundraiser for a local animal shelter: "Ah. Sad barky guys."

greeting someone else: "Wearing some clothes today?"

describing something difficult: "It's no pancake festival, Erich."

giving helpful advice: "If a redneck ever asks you why you want to visit the city, just tell them, 'Parts.' They'll be okay with that."

impersonating Radiohead: "Saaaaaaaaaaaad / Speeeeeeeeecial / Sad / Saaaaaaaaad / Fuckin' speciaaaaaaaal."

impersonating George W. Bush: "Right, so, you take Jesse and you fool him. So, he's been fooled. Then various other things occur and shame is assigned to one or more parties involved."

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